23.03.23 in inspirations

project 3d | object 18

discover our le gramme pencil sharpener, inspired by our graphic codes where slick polished and brushed sterling silver and structured material with...
17.03.23 in ambassadors

emil humbert & christophe poyet

emil humbert and christophe poyet are two french architects who founded their agency humbert & poyet in 2007. they share the...
24.02.23 in inspirations

project 3d | object 17

discover our le gramme safe with its extremely pure and minimal design, inspired by our graphic codes where slick polished...
15.02.23 in ambassadors

yassine mekhnache

from the graffiti scene, yassine mekhnache is a contemporary french artist who links painting and embroidery techniques in works...
03.02.23 in inspirations

valentine's day contest

on the occasion of the valentine's day, try to win our 9g double turn cable bracelet in sterling silver!...
30.01.23 in inspirations

it might be the best valentine's day gift

for valentine's day, we photographed 3 couples, friends of the brand, including erwan, ceo & designer of...
26.01.23 in collections

the new black segment bangle bracelet

discover our two new segment bangle bracelets for men, in sterling silver and black dlc* sterling silver, and 18k gold...
16.01.23 in inspirations

project 3d | object 16

discover our le gramme criterium with its extremely pure and minimal design, inspired by our graphic codes where slick polished sterling...
11.01.23 in ambassadors

maxime flatry

maxime flatry is an art gallery owner who is fascinated by the art deco period. after originally training to be a ready-to-wear and jewellery stylist, in 2022, he opened...
11.01.23 in inspirations

it might be the best tea time

on the occasion of the epiphany, we gathered around erwan le louër, our ceo & designer, and his two children...
22.12.22 in inspirations

project 3d | object 15

as le gramme prepares to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2023, we decided to pay tribute to our...
22.12.22 in ambassadors

rodolphe parente

rodophe parente, designer and interior designer, joins the #mylegramme community. he worked with andrée putman in paris before...
02.12.22 in collections

it might be the best gift

le gramme jewelry with its refined, rational and minimal design, and its ability to stack endlessly, is the...
03.11.22 in collections

the triptych cable

launched in 2018, the cable le gramme keeps reinventing itself year after year. and while le gramme,...
02.11.22 in ambassadors

thomas roussel

thomas roussel, french composer, musician, conductor and arranger, joins the #mylegramme community. his career spans from music to music...
20.10.22 in inspirations

project 3d | object 14

discover our le gramme screwdriver set with its refined and minimal design, inspired by our graphic codes where mix...
07.10.22 in ambassadors

kilian hennessy

kilian hennessy is the founder of the perfume and cosmetics house kilian paris, which he created in 2007...
21.09.22 in inspirations

project 3d | object 13

discover our le gramme dice with their refined and minimal design, inspired by our graphic codes where mixes both...
14.09.22 in collections

the segment bangle

the segment collection is enriched with a new bracelet for men, a 925 silver articulated band made in france.
24.08.22 in inspirations

summer postcards 2022

this summer, we asked our community to share with us on instagram how they wear their jewelry...
05.08.22 in inspirations

tourist project 04

after rome, la grande motte and barcelona, le gramme puts its towel on the beach of casablanca for this summer...
28.07.22 in inspirations

project 3d | object 12

discover for this summer our le gramme petanque balls with their refined and minimal design, inspired by our graphic codes...
15.07.22 in inspirations

summer campaign 2022

discover our summer 2022 campaign featuring our iconic men's jewelry collections in 925 silver and 750 gold...
29.06.22 in ambassadors

cyril benzaquen

cyril benzaquen, world kick boxing champion and entrepreneur with his production company. he has notably produced...
24.06.22 in collections

new perforated titanium ribbon and cable bracelets

the cable and ribbon bracelets from le gramme are now available in a new material, titanium. titanium is the perfect combination of strenght and lightness...

21.06.22 in inspirations

3d project | object 11

discover our le gramme cutlery with its pure design, inspired by our iconic graphic codes with brushed silver on one side...
13.05.22 in ambassadors

adam brown

adam brown, the founder of orlebar brown and le gramme have teamed up for an exclusive collaboration to mark the 15th anniversary of the...

11.05.22 in inspirations

3d project | object 10

discover our perfect desk lamp inspired by gino sarfatti’s creations, in slick polished silver and guilloche finish.
09.05.22 in collaborations

le gramme x orlebar brown

le gramme and orlebar brown join forces for an exclusive collaboration to mark the brand's 15th anniversary...
25.04.22 in ambassadors

charles zana

charles zana, a graduate of the paris school of fine arts, is a french dplg architect, as well as a designer and scenographer,...

15.04.22 in inspirations

3d project | object 09

discover our salt and pepper shakers with their minimal and geometrical design, where each side is made of 925 polished sterling silver
15.04.22 in collections

exclusive golden ticket easter offer

this easter, le gramme is pleased to offer you 75g of our favourite chocolate for any purchase over €450 | $600 | £550!
30.03.22 in inspirations

2022 campaign

the 2022 campaign highlights our iconic collections cable and ruban. photographed by valentin hennequin using silver...
25.03.22 in inspirations

le gramme & rod paradot

French actor Rod Paradot, friend and ambassador of the brand, embodies our collections segment and cable.

16.03.22 in ambassadors

rokhaya diallo

what did you like about the le gramme creations?

i really like things that intersect, i think the scale of the intersecting jewels is really pretty

14.03.22 in inspirations

3d project | object 08

discover our silver tape mesure, graphic and geometric, which uses our pyramid guilloche pattern.
16.02.22 in inspirations

3d project | object 07

we have designed the ideal 925 sterling silver padlock with our iconic pyramid guilloché pattern.
15.02.22 in ambassadors

ludovic de saint sernin

which le gramme jewelry do you own? how do you wear it?
I really like the idea that I can change up how I use le gramme creations
21.01.22 in ambassadors

matthias dandois

what are your le gramme objects? how do you wear them?

I am lucky enough to have several of the brand's creations,...

14.01.22 in collections

engraved cable

launched in 2018, the cable collection has been enriched with a new version, the cable engraved. erwan le louër, ceo & designer...

12.01.22 in inspirations

3d project | object 06

discover our ideal rubik's cube where each face becomes an iconic finish, pattern or material featured in the le gramme designs.
31.12.21 in inspirations

3d project | object 05

we have imagined what the le gramme sterling silver ingot would look like.
24.12.21 in ambassadors


what carries weight in your life?

it is very important to be able to look at oneself daily in the...

03.12.21 in inspirations

3d project | object 04

we have designed the ideal basketball hoop with a net inspired by the links in our segment collection
17.11.21 in ambassadors

maxence danet-fauvel

what carries weight in your life?

my friends. i’ve got a really good circle of friends...

17.11.21 in inspirations

an aesthetic gift

gifts for aesthetes, le gramme creations draw their strength from the attention to detail and their apparent simplicity ....
03.11.21 in collections

diamonds at le gramme

Like a dialogue between jewelry and industrial design, from which the brand draws its inspiration, the le gramme creations are...

27.10.21 in inspirations

the color black at le gramme

if it suits all styles, from eccentric to minimalist, black remains the colour of choice for clean lines. it is widely used in the...
20.10.21 in ambassadors

kamel mennour

what feeds you in your job?

it is this incredible opportunity and richness to be at the side of artists. they enlighten you,...

12.10.21 in collections

the cable octogone

launched in 2018, the cable collection has been enriched with a new variation, the cable octogone.

04.10.21 in collections

non-verbal personalization

behind an apparent simplicity, the creations of le gramme reveal in reality a multitude of possibilities of personalization. the jewelry of...
24.09.21 in ambassadors

julien sebbag

what inspires you?

like everyone else, listen to music that's too good, or watch a film or...

22.09.21 in inspirations

3d project | object 03

we imagined what the tape roll would look like le gramme.
08.09.21 in collaborations

the cable by services généraux

in 925 silver, 750 yellow gold or black ceramic, the creative studio services généraux reveals the cable bracelets that are the result of the...
30.08.21 in collections

the patterns

le gramme men's jewelry made of precious metals is always characterised by an imprint and a finish.
each variation has its own unique...
23.08.21 in collections

the finishes

le gramme men's jewelry in precious metals is always characterised by an imprint and a finish.
our finishes can be used in a variety of...
19.08.21 in inspirations


still in the context of its tourist project 03 in barcelona, le gramme also took an interest in the architecture of this...
09.08.21 in inspirations

tourist project 03

for the summer of 2021, le gramme is putting its towel down on the beach in barcelona! we went to meet...
26.07.21 in inspirations

summer campaign 2021

discover our 2021 summer campaign displaying our iconic jewelry collections for men in 925 sterling silver and...

13.07.21 in ambassadors

dan thawley

what inspires you?

for the magazine, we draw a lot of inspiration from the creatives we select each time.

25.06.21 in ambassadors

rod paradot

what inspires you?

it's so vast, there are many things that inspire me: a...

12.05.21 in inspirations

3d project | object 02

we imagined what the le gramme speaker would look like.
30.04.21 in collections


the segment collection is a series of bracelets, rings and necklaces, inspired by the world of geometry and the fruit of a...
22.04.21 in inspirations

3D project | object 01

we imagined what the le gramme calculator would look like.
14.04.21 in inspirations

the packaging le gramme

le gramme creations draw their strength from the care given to details and their apparent simplicity. they are made in the...

12.04.21 in inspirations

le gramme hq

in october 2020, le gramme inaugurated its new headquarters and showroom in the 3rd arrondissement of paris.
23.03.21 in inspirations

2021 campaign

discover our 2021 campaign presenting our iconic jewelry collections : cable, ribbon, beads and entrelacs. 

17.03.21 in collections

the diamond

in 2015 and in partnership with luisa via roma, le gramme created a limited edition bracelet for men...
03.03.21 in collections

the bangle

after launching its first two iconic collections, the ribbon and the cable, le gramme has created a new line...
24.02.21 in inspirations

the ring

in 2015, le gramme unveiled its first collection of rings, a variation of its iconic ribbon bracelet. made in...
16.02.21 in collections

the nato cable

the use of nato as an accessory originated in the world of watchmaking in 1973. traditionally, watch straps were made of nato...
09.02.21 in collections


le gramme was born in 2013 with its first men's jewelry collection, the ribbon, which is the most...
04.01.21 in collections


le gramme reinterprets the pendant with its medals born from elementary geometric shapes.
with 4 existing variations, the medals take the form of a...
21.12.20 in collections

wedding rings

Made in Parisian workshops, the le gramme alliances are on the borderline between the rational and the emotional, between the...
09.12.20 in collections


photographer : jai odell
23.11.20 in collections

cable diamonds

photographer : victoire le tarnec
model : julien isnardon
16.11.20 in collaborations

carte blanche 01 | luca werner

"One day, in a museum, I read an excerpt from an ancient Japanese poem. It was written that the Japanese...
09.11.20 in collections


photographer : victoire le tarnec
model : clément grobotek
02.11.20 in inspirations

le gramme by robin galiègue

photographer: robin galiègue
stylist: manon hvejsel sarron
mua: marie duhart
hair: yann turchi
27.10.20 in collaborations

Printemps de l'Homme corner

the first le gramme corner opened on the ground floor of the printemps de l'homme, 64 boulevard haussmann, 75009 paris....
02.10.20 in ambassadors

pierre mahéo

what feeds your style, what is the source of your inspiration?


26.06.20 in ambassadors

thierry bouët

how would you define thierry bouët's lifestyle? 
I party during the day and rest at night. 
21.04.20 in ambassadors

isaac cole powell

actor, model, singer. superstition, frogs and eyebrows.
08.04.20 in inspirations

dieter rams

Genius, God, absolute master... We’re not entirely sure the man whose motto was “Weniger, aber besser/Less...
03.04.20 in ambassadors

germain louvet

what feeds you in your work, what is the source of your inspiration?people inspire me first and foremost,...
12.03.20 in inspirations

otl aicher

14.01.20 in ambassadors

pierre yovanovitch

based in paris and new york, pierre yovanovitch, an interior architect with his own furniture line, collector of designer objects and contemporary art, scenographer, is fascinated by harmony and authentic....
06.11.19 in ambassadors

Joseph Altuzarra

what feeds your style, what is the source of your inspiration?
it's all about observing women...
12.10.19 in ambassadors

erwan le louër

what about this project do you find stimulating ?
the learning process of being in a fast-growing start-up. i’m still constantly learning about...
17.07.19 in ambassadors

vincent dedienne

what nourishes you in your work, what inspires you?
People. Whether it's in film, theatre or...
25.06.19 in inspirations

etienne-louis boullée

At the end of the Enlightenment, art - be it painting, sculpture or architecture - is meant to be moral ...
10.06.19 in collections

ceramic collection

le gramme continues its creative project around weight by adding a new material to the field of its research:...
10.06.19 in ambassadors

yiqing yin

what is the source of your inspiration?
it's an association of so many things, an aggregation between emotions, the...
16.04.19 in ambassadors

colin bates

what is your background, what brought you here?
when I started dancing I was only 7 years old,...
20.03.19 in inspirations

richard buckminster fuller

sometimes a very bad idea can lead to a bigger one... at age 32, richard buckminster fuller considered...
12.03.19 in ambassadors

marie beltrami

what feeds your creativity, what is the source of your inspiration?
I draw from what surrounds me, what...
25.02.19 in ambassadors

jacques shu

press attaché for four years for dior homme, then freelance for 12 years with clients as kitsuné,...