care instructions

when it is not treated, the precious metal takes on a patina over time. the colour of your le gramme object can therefore change with time, depending on the acidity of your skin and on the weather conditions. you will certainly appreciate this patina, but if you want give back a "like new" aspect to your jewelry, repolish its surface or restore its original shine, you can use different techniques:
- use a chamoisine for precious metals (soft cloth soaked in a soft product)
- take a little clay stone on a sponge or a cloth then rub your item, rinse abundantly and wipe it
- in addition to the clay stone, you can also use a special silver/gold cleaner
- alternatively you can send us your object for a complete polishing / brushing in our workshops.*

similarly, black sterling silver will also evolve over time, the treatment carried out may fade in certain places, revealing the shine of untreated sterling silver. the shape of a worn object can also evolve according to the morphology of your wrist or finger. if you want to have your jewelry restored to its original shape, you can send it to our showroom or write us at
each request for after-sales service from le gramme will be subject to a quotation.

for information, the more the jewelry is worn, the less it risks to oxidize.
also, in order to preserve the condition of your piece on the long term, we advise you to avoid contact with swimming pool water, sea water and household products. we also recommend that you do not store your jewelry in a damp area (bathroom for example).

*this step may result in a very slight reduction in the weight of your jewelry.

in order to avoid abnormal wear and tear of your cable bracelet, it is important to open and close the clasp by screwing (or unscrewing) the wider part (the thread) of the clasp.