every le gramme creation can be personalized.*

engraving brings a personal dimension, it can recall a memory, be a wink, but also be simply useful. engraving is the sign of extra attention, it reinforces the notion of a unique and personal gift.

jewelry can be engraved with initials, a quotation, a date, GPS coordinates, a telephone number, a blood type, a mantra, a first and last name, a weight, a school, a year of graduation...
the engraving we carry out is mechanical (laser), allowing numbers, letters or signs to be affixed.

come and have your jewelry personalized free of charge** and on site at the le gramme corner of Printemps de l'Homme, located at 64 boulevard Haussmann in Paris ;)

*personalized items are neither exchangeable nor refundable.
**for all purchases made at the le gramme corner of Printemps de l'Homme

an engraving is the sign of additional attention: it reinforces the attention to detail behind a unique and thoughtful gift.