thierry bouët

What is the source of your inspiration in your profession, in your life?
The anxiety of the blank sheet.

Who are the people who constitute references for you in the exercise of your profession?
Everyone I meet is automatically one of my references, regardless of gender.

What compliment have you heard about your work that you liked the most?
“You’re having a good laugh, dick.”

What is the city or destination that resembles you and why?
With its strikes, its traffic jams, its demonstrations and its general bad mood, I wouldn't live anywhere other than Paris.
“All the people I meet are automatically part of my references, regardless of gender. »
How would you define Thierry Bouët’s art of living?
I party during the day and relax at night.

What is your reference project? (What you are most proud of because of its aesthetic or because it was a challenge).
Photographing Paris with a drone in full lockdown until a police arrest put an end to it.

Do you have any rituals? In your job and in your life.
Two “Winston Longue Rouge” per day.

The kind of photography that annoys you, or even worse, bores you?
Girls who act like actresses all day without saying anything annoy me but fascinate me.
“I party during the day and relax at night. »
Your favorite place? Where to find you if someone is looking for you?
At the studio.

Your favorite object, the one you would save at home in the event of a natural disaster? How much does he weigh ?
Around forty bulky boxes of negatives (120kg!).

What is important in life for you?
Traveling as a couple, including to Paris.

Your jewelry on le gramme, what are they? How do you wear them?
I took off my bracelets 30 years ago.

If le gramme was a photograph? Who would it be from, and what would it represent if it wasn’t the jewel?
Photography is a business, I give ideas for checks.
“Photography is a business, I give ideas in exchange for checks. »



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