Édouard Damestoy, skateur

double world champion in "vert" skateboarding – named for the vertical ramps used in this discipline, which are typically 4 meters high and U shaped – in 2019 and 2022. with four medals at the X games, he is the most decorated french skateboarder.

what does the le gramme universe inspire you?

elegance in simplicity. i really appreciate the minimalist design of le gramme jewelry. each creation seems to get straight to the point. rings, bracelets, and pendants are sleek and easy to wear. they appear natural once worn around the neck or wrist. they embrace each individual's personality. before discovering the collections imagined by erwan le louër, i already wore some jewelry while practicing my sport. they complement and accentuate my style. i own a gold chain and two custom-made rings, one in silver and the other in gold. on one of them, the sun and the ocean are engraved because i grew up in the water when i learned to surf.

what are your favorite le gramme creations?

i really appreciate the wide ribbon bracelets in yellow gold and the thinner ones in silver that i stack around my wrist. they both work wonderfully together. i love the round necklace, a gold circle hanging on a chain that i wear all the time.

if le gramme were a sport discipline?

excellent question! i would say fencing because it's a sport that is both elegant and precise, just like le gramme creations. fencing also reflects the intrinsic values of the brand. .
« progress and evolve are my mantras. »
how did you come to this sport discipline?

my father introduced me to surfing from a young age. i then tried skateboarding as well as a complement. then i decided to dedicate myself solely to skateboarding. this sport conveys values of solidarity, conviviality, and sharing. even though this discipline is very individual, we draw inspiration from each other. know-how, technique, and tricks are passed on among us. there are no sports coaches in skateboarding.

what motivates you on a daily basis ?

progress and evolve. learn at every moment and develop my physical abilities.

do you have a favorite object in life?

my silver ring i mentioned and my skateboard. i'm always with it. it is my life partner that never leaves me wherever i go in the world.

what is your news as the 2024 paris olympics approach?

i am participating in two qualifying competitions in shanghai and budapest. Then the international ranking will be revealed. and those who appear in the top 21 will qualify for the olympics. The events will take place at place de la concorde. It's a dream.
« skateboarding transmits values of solidarity, conviviality, and sharing. »
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