bracelet guide cable

 size correspondence table 

cm 15 15,5 16 16,5 17 17,5 18 18,5 19 19,5 20 20,5 21
inter XS S M L XL  
inch 5.91 6.30 6.69 7.09 7.48 7.87 8.27

the sizes in our cable and beads bracelet collection correspond to centimetres.

to choose the right size for your bracelet on gramme, we advise you to:

measure the circumference of your wrist 2cm above the styloid (the slightly protruding bone on your wrist)
choose the size corresponding to the circumference of your wrist + 1cm.
example: if your wrist measures 18cm, choose size 19cm.
if you fall between two sizes, 17.5cm for example, we recommend you choose cable in size 18cm.

we recommend you download and print the le gramme tape measure.

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