guarantees & repairs

guarantees & repairs*

le gramme jewels are designed according to strict criteria and are subject to rigorous controls from manufacture to shipment.
in accordance with the legal provisions in force, as a customer you have a period of two years from the date of delivery of your product to make a claim under the legal warranty of conformity or hidden defects.
any quality problems are covered by le gramme on presentation of proof of purchase. the warranty does not cover daily wear and tear or poor maintenance: darkening, knocks, marks, stains, scratches, deformation, natural wear and tear, etc. nor does it cover products to which the legal warranty of conformity no longer applies due to their date of purchase. in this case, you may be asked to contribute to repair costs, and we will send you an estimate.

my jewel has a defect. what should i do?

if your product was purchased in one of our boutiques le gramme or on our eshop, we invite you to contact us at so that we can find the best solution to your problem. please attach to your email:
- proof and date of purchase/order number
- photos of the item as a whole
- a photo of the problem encountered
- a description of the problem encountered
if the purchase was not made in a le gramme boutique or on our eshop, we invite you to contact the customer service department of the place of purchase directly. this department will deal with your request and may apply its own after-sales service procedures.

contact us
You can contact us :
■ by e-mail at
■ by phone at +33 (0)1 40 73 89 91
■ by whatsapp at +33 (0)1 86 47 59 98.

*updated warranty le gramme to January 23, 2024.