the art of the gift

what is more difficult than choosing a man’s gift? le gramme has created essential, precious, and universal pieces. each le gramme collection is adapted to the man who wears it, or the woman who borrows it.

le gramme's creations draw their strength from our attention to detail and their apparent simplicity. they are made in france, and result from an industrial craftsmanship that combines the precision of the machine with the gesture of the artisan.

the choice of the material, imprint and finish turns each le gramme piece into a personalized gift. laser or calligraphy engraving finalizes this experience and makes each bracelet, ring or necklace truly unique.

each piece comes with a white or black packaging, which has been designed to carefully protect its content and facilitate transportation without the risk of damaging it.

all jewelry ordered on our website is sent in our iconic le gramme packaging, alongside goodies. the white or black box is placed in the center of a kraft cardboard wedge to shield it during transportation.

aesthetic gifts, le gramme’s creations draw their strength from the attention given to each detail.
beyond the actual piece, we are driven by the whole gift giving experience. we accord particular care to our packaging, because opening a package is almost as pleasant as owning the object itself, just as preparing a trip is as exciting as living it. we have designed a gift packaging that participates in the broader le gramme experience: a black box with a logo, to build yourself, which recalls the le gramme graphic codes.
we attach particular care to our packaging, because opening a package is almost as pleasant as owning the object itself.

you can also let your loved one pick one of our creations themselves on our website by giving them a gift card. our gift card is available in 5 different amounts from 150€ to 1000€. your loved one can then make their selection from a curated page, organized by price point.

contact us to receive a physical gift card in a silver envelope. this allows you to write a special message for your loved one.

whether you are looking for a specific precious metal, finish, size or collection, our showroom team will be happy to guide you in the choice of your piece by answering your questions by e-mail at, by phone at +33 1 40 73 89 91 or during a video call.

need advice ? don't hesitate to contact us by email or by phone ;)