the packaging le gramme

le gramme creations draw their strength from the attention paid to details and their apparent simplicity. they are made in France, the result of industrial craftsmanship which combines the precision of the machine with the gesture of man.

to further enhance them and make le gramme experience unique, we have designed packaging adapted to each of our bracelets, rings or necklaces in 925 silver, black ceramic or 750 gold.

this packaging takes up the simple and aesthetic codes which are dear to le gramme: a white box embossed with the name of the brand, inside which is a black foam, perfectly cut to the dimensions of the jewel, allowing the jewel to be transported without no risk of damaging it.

In this box there is also a chamois to maintain and clean your jewelry over time, as well as a presentation of le gramme concept.

to make the purchasing experience unique, le gramme has designed packaging adapted to each of its jewelry.

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